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Eco Squad were thrilled to hear Jack and Lily's Mum (also an Eco Squad member) was attending the Mass Lobby for Climate Change in London. About 16,000 other people came, from all around the country, to ask the government to take urgent action. 
After the event, she meet our MP Heidi Allen and gave her our letter and photos about climate change and protecting the environment. She told us she’s working hard with other politicians to solve the climate emergency.
Later on in the week, Heidi emailed to say she will also ask the Prime Minister to support more wind turbines to make renewable energy, and also a thank you to Eco Squad!
You can find a copy of the letter on this page.
 Our Y6 Eco Squad members delivered a presentation to the School to explain Eco Schools and invite people to apply to be members for next year. Poppy, Conor, Abbie and Erin did a great job! Conor designed the application, and you can pass any these in to Mrs MacKinnon or Mrs Judges on Monday.