Whole School Values

School Philosophy

In our school, every child matters and we aim to produce children who are curious and caring about the world around them, inspired to learn, and courteous and tolerant in their relationships with each other and with adults. We encourage children to fulfil their academic potential and to develop personally and socially through cultural enrichment and spiritual growth, while nurturing their understanding of God’s love. We foster an awareness of being a vital part of a broad community and how to relate to this community using co-operation, tolerance and care. We strive to provide an environment where all pupils thrive to achieve their full potential whilst at Babraham and that equips them with the skills and confidence to build happy and successful futures.

We firmly believe in a strong partnership between the school and parents and carers of our pupils. In this partnership we recognise that learning is strengthened when there is good communication between home and school and where aspirations and educational goals are shared. We consider ourselves to be part of a wider family and need to work together for the wellbeing of our pupils, their families and our staff.

Aims and Values

At Babraham Primary School we aim to educate to the highest possible standard, by:

  • Providing children with a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires and motivates them to become active, effective learners who achieve their very best.
  • Creating a stimulating environment where curiosity and the enjoyment of learning are encouraged for all.
  • Fostering close-knit co-operation and responsibility across all ages.
  • Valuing the individual interests and talents of each child.
  • Promoting broad Christian values, respecting the rights, beliefs and culture of each person.
  • Helping each individual to know, and be known by, everybody else, in an atmosphere of mutual support.
  • Building strong partnerships with parents and carers, encouraging their involvement in their child’s learning and valuing their contributions.
  • Creating a safe, secure environment which supports the well-being of every pupil and enables children to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding they will need throughout their lives, at work and play, in a changing world.
  • Encouraging and praising children wherever possible, recognising when they aim high and “have a go” for we believe that high self esteem, self confidence and happiness are central to our work.