Useful Links

Educational Links

There are a great many useful learning websites on the internet that you might explore with your child. Here are a few that we recommend.  Choose your question type and play!  (word games and ideas)

This website is suitable for Foundation and key stage 1 and will really help your child with their spellings and early reading skills.  (Maths games)

Lively website for Foundation Stage and Key stage 1 that has games and songs on recognising numbers and number sequences and addition and subtraction.  (science and English)

Suitable for Key stage 1 and 2. This website contains easy-to-read information which relates directly to topics your child will be learning in Science. The Grassland Explorer section is particularly good for learning about minibeasts.  (science, PSHCE)

Excellent website about staying safe and keeping healthy. It contains clear and visual information for children on key health and safety related topics such as cleaning your teeth, washing your hands and hazards in the kitchen.  (games for ages 5 - 6 - links with our science topic of ourselves this term).

Interactive activities relating to any topics your child will ever learn about in Science whilst at Babraham. They can use this site to extend and test their knowledge beyond the classroom.  (RE site linked with channel 4)

Games and songs brought to you by engaging characters ‘Dottie and Buzz’ that covers aspects of Christianity such as baptism and creation. It also covers PSHE topics of belonging and fogiveness.  (Maths)

Information for parents about key mathematical skills your child is learning. It has useful ideas and activities you can do to help your child to improve their maths at home and when out and about.  (Maths)

This website has an excellent bank of maths games and activities for children of all ages and abilities. It has also got many other maths related activities such as poems about numbers and arty maths ideas.

Parents may be interested to explore the following websites with their children:

Includes sites on The Romans, The Victorians, Plants, Electricity and other topics taught at Babraham.

There are also leaflets aimed at parents on topics that span the curriculum. The leaflets have the main aspects of what your child will be learning as well as ideas on how you can support your child’s learning of these topics.

Includes 'fun activities linked to the National Curriculum', free to pupils aged 7 - 11

Varied activities for key stage 2 such as a multiple choice quiz on internet safety and a detective style games that improves geographical knowledge and skills.

Includes information about schools and learning

Website that will answer many questions or concerns you may have about your child’s education, choosing secondary schools, bullying, behaviour and discipline and much more.

Information on learning to read and write

Leaflet aimed at parents about how to help your child to read and write. The suggestions are linked to the methods of teaching your child is receiving in school.

A good website for children in Reception Year 1 and 2

An excellent website for parents who would like to understand more about how reading, writing & spelling is taught in school so that they can help their children.