Babraham C of E Primary School - Values Programme
In 2017-18, a huge voting campaign took place involving all members of our school community. From a bank of possible values prepared by our pupils, everyone involved in some way with Babraham School was invited to vote for 'top 12' values that they thought best represented our school and its aspirations. 
Sure enough, our governors, pupils, staff and parents came out in force to cast their votes. After a few weeks of campaigning through assemblies, letters and class work, the votes were finally counted (twice!). The top twelve most popular values were adopted to form our new values programme. 
Our final list of 12 values is shown below. We focus on one value per half term, giving us a 2 year rolling programme. Having an entire half term to spend on each value gives the whole school community time to explore and engage with each value. This is achieved through a series of assemblies, classroom activities and celebrations. We enjoy celebrating and praising all those who demonstrate our value each half term.