Year 6 SATS results 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to the Y6 children who took SATS this year.  Only 9 of the 10 children took the SATs test and they achieved an average of 95% at the government grade of AT EXPECTED STANDARD  for Maths and English combined.
The SATS test consisted of summative paper tests in Maths, Reading and SPAG;  Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.  Writing was teacher assessed and was the only subject where the Government  expectations allowed child to exceed the expected standard.


All schools are moderated every 4 years by the Local Authority.  This year our Early Years, (EY) and Key Stage One, (KS1) were due to be selected.  We received notification after May half term that this would happen and we were moderated in June.  The moderators for both of these age phases spent different mornings with Mrs Bett and Miss Moore and they agreed that we have accurately assessed the children and noted that they are making very good progress.  Congratulations go to the children, teachers and TA’s in EY and KS1.


We received our KS2 SATS results in July 2016 and are delighted with the success that the children  achieved.  The Government expectation is that all children should achieve what is known as “AT STANDARD”.  There is not EXCEEDING STANDARD for any subject except writing, which is assessed by teachers.


There were 10 children in Year 6 this year and 1 child was unable to take SATs this year.


Of the 9 children that took the SATS, they all achieved AT STANDARD in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, (SPAG) and in Writing.


8 of the 9 children were AT STANDARD in Reading and Maths.


Primary schools are expected by the Government to meet an attainment threshold of 65 per cent of pupils achieving the national standard of AT STANDARD in reading, writing and maths, as well as making sufficient progress in all three subjects.  Figures released by the Department for Education, (DfE) show that  53 per cent of Year 6 pupils in England and Wales met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths.


83 per cent of the ten children in Year 6 children at Babraham have met expected standard in reading writing and maths, which is a great achievement by the children, teachers and TA’s in KS2.


Note that only 9 out of the 10 children were able to sit SATs in 2016 and the school was already at a 90% attainment percentage before SATs were taken in May.


AT STANDARD is achieved by the children gaining a minimum mark of 100 out of 120 marks.


WELL done to all the children – this is a great result for all your hard work and shows how successful you have been.