Babraham Governing Body - Introduction

What is a School Governing Body?

The Governing Body is responsible for managing and monitoring how the school is run. Governors work closely with the Headteacher and the DEMAT in ensuring that the school is operating effectively and providing the best possible opportunities for its children.

Governors meet formally in a Local Governing Body (LGB) meeting twice every term.  In addition, two committees, the Curriculum and Communications and the Resource and Finance committees, meet twice each term to discuss matters in detail and put forward recommendations to the LGB meeting for approval.


What do Governors do? 

Individual governors have areas of responsibility and make arranged visits to school to learn about and monitor the school's progress in these areas. Governors have a key role to play in whole-school monitoring of teaching and learning and governor visits are arranged every term so that governors can make these contributions.


Who are the Governors at Babraham School?

Below you can download a summary table showing the names and roles of members of the LGB at our school. 

Further statutory information about our governors can be found here:

Local Governing Body - Statutory Information