Kingfisher Class

We had a wonderful time on our trip!
Kingfisher have had fun writing poems the last few weeks. This is one we wrote as a class right before lunch time!
  • Home learning will be an activity sheet, sent home in yellow folders on Friday. This will be until half term. After half term, children will continue to have the same type of activity sheet (maths and literacy) but also set a 'project' homework to work on over a number of weeks. This will centre around our Topic for next term and I will make sure to send an email and send a letter home regarding the task nearer in the next few weeks.
  • Additionally, children may bring home their 'First Mental Arithmetic' books in their yellow folders. If so, please work with them to correct any questions circled in green pen. This is so that you can work with them on very specific misconceptions that they have; areas that they are finding tricky.
  • Please ensure children do not answer any more of the questions in the book as this will be done in class!
  • ‚ÄčTo allow marking of work, and to ensure children have their mental arithmetic books in class for when we complete them on Thursday, children must put yellow home learning folders in the home learning box in the classroom on Wednesday morning. If your child has lost their folder, please let me know and I will get them a new one. 
  • Please could you make sure your child is reading everyday at home, and record a little note in their yellow reading books. I will sign when I have read with them (and give them a sticker) and see the yellow books when I read with them. 
  • Children are given time to change their books every day. Some may have longer books than others. If you have any concerns over the level that your child is reading at or the books they are bringing home, please let me know. They may also read with others adults and change their books independently so I do not see every book that is changed.
  • PE may be on a Wednesday or Friday. Please make sure outdoor and indoor kits are in School on these days - children have been enjoying dance and music with Mrs Thomas the lat few weeks!
  • I have put a copy of our class timetable on the website under 'Kingfisher' if you wish to see a typical week.
  • KS1 SATs will take place in May 2021. The last few years, we have done our best to make sure children feel relaxed, confident and happy about these statutory tests.  I will arrange a meeting about these after half term. For now, the home learning tasks should be a quick activity to cover different areas of maths and spelling. 
  • Spelling tests are on Friday morning - children will bring home their spelling books to share on a Friday inside their home learning folders and be returned on Wednesday, inside their folders ready for Friday.
  • Children should have 2 weeks of spellings for this half term (after this week.) At half term, we will look at how children have performed throughout the last month, and change the list they bring home if needed (giving them a few more or a few less for example.)
  • If children lose sheets/homework, there are lots of spares in the classroom. 
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